Ethical and Sustainability policy

We will work tirelessly to ensure this policy is carried out to the best of our ability and within the
constraints that may conflict with our ideals and that of our clients.

Human Rights

We will not act for nor do business with:

Any company or business which fails to uphold basic human rights within its sphere of

  • Any company of business which fails to uphold basic human rights within its sphere of influence.
  • Any company of business whose links to an oppressive regime are a continuing cause for concern.
  • Any company of business that has a poor record of employee relations in the areas of health and safety, labour practices, employee benefits or employment equity.

We will seek to support companies and organizations that support fair trade, humane working
conditions and international standards of human rights.

We will be a fair and equitable employer and will actively strive to be progressive in employee

Global Trade

We will not act for nor do business with:

  • Any company or organisation with irresponsible marketing practices in developing countries

We will seek to support businesses which take a responsible position with regard to:

  • Fair trade
  • Labour rights in their own operations and through their supply chains in developing countries.

Ecological Impact

We will not act for nor do business with any company or organisation whose core activity
contributes to:

  • Global climate change
  • The manufacture of chemicals which are environmentally harmful to either wildlife and human health
  • The unsustainable harvest of natural resources, including forestry, fisheries and food
  • Manufacturers of tobacco or related products that are harmful to human health

We will seek to support businesses and organisations involved in:

  • Recycling and sustainable waste management
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Sustainable natural products and services, including timber and organic produce
  • The pursuit of ecological sustainability

Social Enterprise and Charitable Giving

We will seek to support charities and the broad range of organisations which make up the Social
Enterprise sector together with our own choice of charities, namely:

  • “Mahali Pa Watoto School” for young street children in Nairobi, Kenya
  • WWF
  • MacMillan Cancer Support
  • The Woodland Trust
  • MInd – the Mental Health Charity

Sustainability Policy

  • To minimise CO2 emissions associated with travel wherever and whenever possible, including the reduction in air travel and using public transport rather than driving
  • Promote the “bike to work” scheme with our employees
  • To maximise energy efficiency in the purchasing of goods and services and by reducing electricity consumption
  • To maximise opportunities for waste management and recycling
  • Use video-conferencing in preference to face-to-face meetings where practicle
  • To reduce the use of paper with the ultimate goal of becoming a paperless office

Business Conduct

Covent Garden Recruitment ensures that its operations comply with the highest legal and professional
standards demanded by the REC and the IEC – Our Governing bodies
In the course of daily business, we may need to make decisions on ethical issues that may not be
addressed by this policy.